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Carlos N. Hathcock, II

Carlos Hathcock II, known as Gunny, was one of the foremost Marines of the Viet Nam war era. His 93 confirmed kills (more than 360 all total) and his uncanny ability in jungle field craft made him the most famous American sniper since World War I.

    Before Gunny went to Viet Nam, he displayed his marksmanship skill and expertise by winning the Wimbledon cup in 1965 and was the U.S. long rifle champion. His other shooting awards would be too numerous to mention.

    Gunny was a hero in other ways as well. During his second tour in Viet Nam, he dragged six unconscious Marines from a burning armored vehicle that struck an anti tank mine. He suffered second and third degree burns on more than 90 percent of his body.  For those actions he was awarded the Silver Star Medal.  After recuperating, Gunny became one of the founders of the Marine Corps Sniper School at Quantico Virginia, and was its first senior sniper instructor. Gunny was medically retired from the Marine Corps in 1979 as a result of the wounds received in Viet Nam and the onset of multiple sclerosis.

    After retirement, Gunny began training Law Enforcement almost exclusively. Gunny started instructing the Virginia Beach Police DepartmentÓ—AT snipers in 1984.  This training was done on a weekly basis at no charge to the city until he passed away in 1999.  The Hathcock Law Enforcement Sniper School was founded in 1987 and was instructed by Michael Mack and Dan Lackey with Gunny as the chief instructor.  J.C Denham joined us as the fourth instructor in 1994.

Gunny passed away on February 23, 1999 due to complications from multiple sclerosis.

    Gunny's deep admiration and respect for law enforcement was apparent in his motivation and dedication he displayed in training and the professional standards he required from those he taught.  

    Even though we strive to carry on his tradition, his presence is greatly missed.

Michael Mack   Dan Lackey   J.C. Denham

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